Monday, May 20, 2013

Chick Update, meet the Rounders

The babies are all growing up happy and healthy.  As the weather warms, we're all looking forward to going outside to play.

We're still thinking about names.  Some have come easy, like Buster, others: not so much.  So here's my guess: the top row (1-5) are all girls.  In the second row (6-11), the first three are boys (Buster is #7), then a girl, then a boy, then Missy's girl.  The last row (12 & 13) is a girl and Dingy.  Although they all hatched within a few days of each other (except Dingy), you'll note that there are some, like #4, who are a bit smaller than her siblings.  This little chick reminds me of Molly who grew a little more slowly than her sisters.  She's now the same size as everyone else just a little more svelte.  Missy's girl and Inky's girl (#1) are a bit larger than the others and considerably more calm.

Chicks # 2, #4, #9, and #10 came from eggs donated by my neighbor.  #2 has all the markings of a Black Australorp.  Very nice bird although I get the sense that all she wants to be in the middle of all the action.  She's not very excited about flying however is very good at jumping up & down to see what's going on.  Her nickname is Pogo (you can guess why).
#4, #9, and #10 may be Buff Orpington cross.  Orpingtons are known to be calm, friendly birds.  The hens are also known to be very good mothers.
All the other kids are Ameraucanas or Ameraucana cross.  Although Inky was labeled an Ameraucana chick by the company we purchased her from, she has grown up with all the earmarks of a Barred Rock and lays pinkish brown eggs.  Since their father was an Ameraucana we could expect her girls (#1 & #3) to lay greenish colored eggs when the time comes.  Of course, theory and reality are frequently two different things.  I'll be happy that they grow up to be calm happy girls like their mother.
Perhaps the new kids will all be named by the end of the month.  Do you have any suggestions?