Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Home and Garden

Got a little ahead of myself this year.  In my enthusiasm, three weeks ago I planted my tomatoes and peppers.  Live and learn.  Although these were covered, the late freeze hit the garden hard and wiped out the seedlings.  Oh well.  Like many gardeners, I find it hard to wait on mother nature.  The 'Safe date' for planting in our area, at least at this time, is Memorial day.  Meanwhile, the cool weather seeds such as Kohlrabi and carrots have all been planted.
Presently the plan is to plant three beds of tomatoes, one bed of peppers, a bed of carrots and kohlrabi, a medium bed of green and yellow beans, a medium bed of swiss chard and rutabega, two beds of cucumbers, and one large bed of squash.  All the beds are ready except for the bean bed however I expect that it will ready by end of day tomorrow.  Pray for rain.

For those who save their seeds: we left some of the kohlrabi to over winter.  That which we didn't eat (yummy!) is now flowering and will soon be making seeds for next year.

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