Friday, May 10, 2013

Spring planting

For those of us who are fortunate enough to live in an area that is well drained and enjoying moderate temperatures, this is the time of year where we can be found out in our fields and orchards, preparing for another season.
Cherry blossoms
The fruit trees are all coming to blossom.  As one walks along the lane, the air is full of its delicate fragrance.  The cherry trees are a-buzz with all sorts of different types of bees.  I'm going to keep my eyes open this summer and see how many different varieties I can identify.

Apple blossom
The new apple trees fared pretty well this last winter with only a minor amount of deer damage.  In order to deter them from nibbling the new buds, we've found that hanging bars of perfumed soap or suspending fresh dryer sheets from the limbs works remarkably well.  To discourage the rabbits and voles from eating the bark around the trunks of the trees, spiral plastic shields wrap and protect each sapling.

We're continuing to plant more trees.  Over the next few days we're expecting to plant 40 more saplings.  It's remarkably satisfying to help things grow.  Whether we're talking about fruit trees, the garden, or the little chicks each has its own needs to grow big and strong.  With a little care and attention, everyone grows happy and healthy.

Speaking of chicks, everyone was transferred out to the nursery box in the mudroom yesterday afternoon.  Dingy has taken on the big sister role and seems to appreciate the company.  Soon after the little chicks arrived, I peaked in on them to see how everyone was getting along.  I was happy to see that Dingy had gathered up the chicks under her wings, pulling them close and safe as they turned in for the night.

Moma Dingy and one of the fuzzyballs

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