Sunday, May 19, 2013

Chick update, two weeks old

When I came out into the mudroom this morning, I was surprised to see Buster roosted up on the corner of the nursery box looking about.  The Rounders (chicks) are only two weeks old yet their wings and, in some cases, their tail feathers are already coming in.
Several of the chicks like to perch atop either their waterer or feeder, which unforturnately means each of those need to be cleaned multiple times per day (messy!).  Although these roosts are far enough away from the edge to keep the babies from using it regularly as a step, we thought perhaps it was time to put a little safety netting across the top.  Images of the mudroom becoming a party loft keep coming to mind.  They'll be teenagers soon enough.  Before then, when the weather warms, they'll move out to Chickenland to meet their moms and aunties.

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