Monday, May 27, 2013

The Rounders, Naming part 2

 Ada, Ida, and Pip (who's quite small) are the Buff Oringtons.  They are a busy group.  If there is some kind of tussle going on, you can bet one of these guys will be in the middle of it.

 Buster is still the biggest boy.  He's developing the same calm approach to life that his father has.  When the other boys wanted to strut and crow, Sandy cuddled and cooed with the girls.  Buster was a bit pushy as a little guy.  As he gets older, he has been seen snuggling and preening his siblings.
 Dusty looks a great deal like her sister, Robin.  The major difference is that Dusty doesn't have the bright orange shoulders or breast that her sister does.
One of the unfortunate issues that crop up in Americaunas from time-to-time, is the condition called crossbilling.  This is where an otherwise normal chick's bill starts to grow crooked.  Unfortunately nothing reasonable can be done to treat the chick.  One just has to watch to see that he's getting enough to eat and is otherwise OK.
FredThat leaves little Fred.  He's not as big as his brother and is perhaps a little shy.  He reminds me of Junior.  Perhaps Junior is his daddy (when Sandy was looking the other way)?

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Amy Dingmann said...

Twister is adorable!! Love it!