Friday, May 17, 2013

Just something pretty that I wanted to share with you

Virbenium.  This will be very pretty in another few days
Ever go walking and come upon something that made you stop and go 'oh my!'?  I think it's important to slow down from time-to-time, to embrace those moments.  For it is those moments that in the end enrich our lives beyond measure.
I never get tired of ferns.  There are many areas in the forest, where ferns and orchids carpet the floors
I have no idea what this little flower is called, but it is so tiny and delicate.
Honeysuckle.  I know it's an invasive but I love its fragance.
Moma bumble bee on a dandelion (she's a BIG girl)
mushroom growing on a fallen log can be quite pretty too!  Their color and shape remind me of chocolate chip cookies.


Sarah Lynn said...

That fern would make a lovely quilting design! :-)

Sarah Lynn said...

By the way, that little lavender bell-shaped flower is Creeping Charlie, also called Gill-over-Ground, Ground Ivy, Hedgemaids, Catsfoot (from the shape of the leaves), or Alehoof. Scientific name is Glechoma hederacea.

Some consider it a weed, others an herb. It has medicinal purposes, and can even be used in salad.